Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: My Humble Opinion

Like many Harry Potter fans, I grew up with Harry and his friends.  Of course I've read all the books multiple times and have grown to love these fictional characters.  (If you haven't read any of the books or seen the movies and are planning to, stop reading.  I'm about to blab what happens.)  I cried when Dumbledore died in book six.  Although I couldn't wait for book seven, it was bittersweet since it was the last.  I also cried through a lot of that book.  Dobby and Fred were my two favorite characters aside from the main three of course.  And alone in my room at 3 A.M. I balled my eyes out when Harry walked bravely into the forest to sacrifice himself.  When the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Orlando, me and my best friend hopped a plane to Florida and had a fantastic time.  I am still craving more butterbeer.

I saw the movie at midnight of course, fully dressed in my nerd gear as Bellatrix with my hostage Harry Potter.  I have to say the scene that Harry walks into the forest couldn't have been done any better.  I cried my eyes out like a crazy person because it was dead on and beautifully executed.  I didn't like some of the changes made such as Ron and Hermione knew that Harry would have to kill himself and were pretty ok with that.  I didn't like the fact that in the movie Voldemort grew weaker with each horcrux being destroyed.  I felt that it discredited Harry's fight.  I also wished they had included Harry's expelliarmus! spell because it shows his goodness.  To me, that was one of the most powerful parts in the book because despite the prophecy, Harry does not destroy Voldemort.  Voldemort destroys himself.   I prefer the final battle between Harry and Voldemort to be in front of the crowd because I enjoyed the relief and cheers.  A few small details I didn't care for were that Hagrid wasn't crying when he carried Harry's body out, which seemed untrue to his character and that Snape's tears were his makes sense, I just found it a little cheesy.  Especially when the guy in front of me asked, "Why does he want his tears?"

That being said I really liked the scene when Harry presented himself to Snape and McGonagall stepped in to defend him.  I realize for time purposes perhaps they didn't include Harry's struggle with his relationship with Dumbledore.  All the more reason to read the books if you haven't already.  I also find it interesting that the more J.K. Rowling discusses her life the more I see where her inspiration for characters and challenges come from. 

My hair is obviously no longer blond, but it's not purple either.  In some lighting though, it looks that way and guess what? I really like how I look with purple hair haha. Who knew?

Overall I really did like the movie and want to go see it again.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiring Bits of Advice From Very Wise and Successful People:

Below I have included a post from my other blog (MissAdvisess' Life Lessons).  I think it is relevant to this blog as well as everything we do.  I hope you enjoy this slightly different detour:

This blog I have decided to feature two people that are much wiser than I am.  The first video is a speech by author J.K. Rowling.  I have nothing but respect an admiration for Mrs. Rowling.  I would love to sit down and talk with her over tea (her place or mine) and bombard her with questions on life and also the Harry Potter books.  But for the time being it seems unlikely she will be inviting me over...perhaps I should send her and invite.  After the last film comes out she will surely have a lot more time that would be best spent with a perfect stranger in another country like myself.  Anyhoo, since that is not liekly for awhile, I will have to settle for interviews and speeches that reveal very much I think.  I think it is so enlightening that it is worth sharing with any readers, friends or visiters to my blog.  Please enjoy:


Bill Cosby is some one I grew up watching on television as a kid.  Although I don't have TV at my house now, when visiting my dad, I still enjoy watching old reruns of "The Cosby Show."  Laughter might be underestimated by some people, but personally I see so much value in it.  I also find it a very intimate way to bond with other people I connect with in my daily life.  I was too young at the time to know otherwise, but I've previously read that "The Cosby Show," made huge steps in breaking down race-related walls that still existed in the U.S.  I also found his speech to be very enlightening and funny.

New Toy:

Today I bought something I've wanted for a long time: A screen printer! Now I just have to figure out how to use it;0)  I reorganized my sewing area to make room for it and hopefully I'll be using both on my clothing and accessories now.  To be continued...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun At Golden Gate Park

Last Friday, I went to visit some family in San Francisco.  Since I was heading there anyway, decided to get there a little early and play at the park.  My boyfriend and I took some fun pictures just for kicks:

Harry Potter silliness.  I am stoked but also sad for the last movie.

Bye bye blond hair, I'm dying it dark in exactly 1 hour and
 15 minutes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Day Was SEW Successful!

I am SOOOO excited to say that the dress I've been working on for about a month now is finished!!  I am planning to wear it to the Harry Potter premiere as Bellatrix Lestrange because I am super rad like that, and then sell it on my etsy.  I may post it before the premiere since it's only 4 days away! I am so happy with the results and am calling it my masterpiece.  I will be taking some more interesting (I hope) pictures for my etsy but here is a preview:


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*This dress is available on my etsy shop:
I also made a pillow for my cousin and her husband that recently purchased a beautiful house in San Francisco.  I knew I wanted to use two different fabrics somehow.  I went to the store and looked through the fabrics and chose these 2 since they had a similar coolor scheme:

My last story for the day is that my doggy is so cute and happy to be reunited with his toy after he discovered it in storage.  He is being treated for a uti currently since he has peed in my house! I'm hoping this will solve the problem.  Anyhoo here's some pics:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey Sandwich = The "Bidness"

Just had a super yummylicious sammy!  Apparently everyone in the world has had this recipe but me!  I only just learned of this sandwich of the gods, hours ago myself!  My friend Kristen told me about it and as soon as I got off work, I head home to try it.  Just in case you've been leading a sheltered life like I have, I'm sharing the secret.  This can be used to feed starving children, seduce a hungry woman, or just to treat yourself.  All of these ingredients can be found at your neighborhood grocers :0)


Bread (I used white.)
Peanut Butter
Banana (Sliced)

Put peanut butter on one piece of bread.  Put banana slices on top of the peanut butter.  Put honey on the other piece of bread, unless you want double the nutty butter, then spread on both pieces of bread and add honey on top.  Now the crucial step is to put it in the freezer and let the honey solidify a bit. 

I paired my sammy with a glass of milk and some cheesy poofs.  MMmmmm.  yes I did just write out a recipe for a delicious and incredibly simple to make sandwich.  Step aside Martha!  There's a new blond in town!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I wore this dress for obvious reasons and remembered Felipe had a similar patriotic ensemble! Rockin it!  Happy 4th everyone! Although I sometimes complain about the U.S. government, it could be much worse and we should help others in other places where they are not so lucky.  I also think it's important to preserve our rights.  Anne Rice shared a link of facebook the other day that I found alarming.  Regardless of your opinion on abortion there is a lot more going on here:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When Peter Met Tink:

Hello everyone!  I've not posted anything new in awhile but I have been working.  I am still working on a dress that is more complicated than any I've made before and I'm very happy to say it seems to be coming along beautifully! I have learned a lot of new techniques with it like: boning, piping, and a french seam, while practicing ones  I already knew like gathering and slip stitching.  It's in about 3 large sections right now and I just picked up the other items I need today so it should hopefully be finished and lovely soon!

 In the meantime, I've been drawing a bit for my etsy shop and made a card.  It shows Peter Pan and Tinkerbell meeting for the first time.  I went with an adult Tinkerbell in this one like in the movie, "Hook." I might make another with a baby Tink as well.  I used colored pencils and a macron marker for the outlining.