Sunday, July 3, 2011

When Peter Met Tink:

Hello everyone!  I've not posted anything new in awhile but I have been working.  I am still working on a dress that is more complicated than any I've made before and I'm very happy to say it seems to be coming along beautifully! I have learned a lot of new techniques with it like: boning, piping, and a french seam, while practicing ones  I already knew like gathering and slip stitching.  It's in about 3 large sections right now and I just picked up the other items I need today so it should hopefully be finished and lovely soon!

 In the meantime, I've been drawing a bit for my etsy shop and made a card.  It shows Peter Pan and Tinkerbell meeting for the first time.  I went with an adult Tinkerbell in this one like in the movie, "Hook." I might make another with a baby Tink as well.  I used colored pencils and a macron marker for the outlining.

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