Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!

It's that time of year again.  Despite your age, Halloween offers something for everyone. From trick-or-treating, to haunted houses to dressing up, there is almost too much fun happening at once.  Personally I am a huge fan of dressing up, regardless of the time of year.  This year, I'm thrilled with my costume.  I transformed myself into Oprah Winfrey and was accompanied by none other than my boyfriend as Stedman.

Speaking of Oprah, am I the only one loving her lifeclass?  I think not. It is just fabulous and filling the Oprah void we were all left with after the end of her show.  Now, as simple as it may seem, Oprah pointed out something very obvious that I had missed.  She said that your calling doesn't have to be something you make money at.  "Aha! moment," as Oprah would say. For some reason, while I love sewing and knitting, I felt like I had to being successfully selling my projects on etsy for it to matter. Luckily Miss Winfrey gave me the permission I had not given myself to create for the benefit of those around me and not just for myself. So while I will continue my etsy shop for the time being, I will not be so focused on sales.  Lately I've been working on a hat and 49er dog coat. Here are the results:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Striped Baby Hat

I felt like knitting and it's been awhile since I last did.  I just made a baby hat because they are fairly quicker to make.  I wanted it to be bright and colorful and also unisex.  Here are some pictures:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Creation For Snow Bunnies

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It's officially snowing and snow bunnies everywhere are looking for ways to keep their noses warm while still looking good. Lucky for them I am a mastermind and this is my specialty.  I became an expert on cute winter wear when I purchased my onesie. So to make a short story shorter, I've been marfing.* I started with these two and my roommate and I have come up with even more amazing ideas! Here are Marfs v1.0:
Sexy Hollywood Lips Marf:
Sophisticated Yet Hip, Mustache Marf:

*Marfing or To Marf: (verb)To make a marf.*
Marf: (noun) a combonation of mask and scarf = marf

Now I don't want to overwhelm you with awesomeness all at once, so I will just leave you with some information.  I am currently just starting to attempt a baby dress with my left over fabric from my super awesome ballet birthday dress.  I've never made one before and have no baby that I'm measuring so we shall see if it's a masterpiece or madness or both!  Or just ok :p