Friday, December 7, 2012

I love feedback

Today I received a message on my etsy from some one who had purchased a Peter Pan hat from me.  I always wonder who my products are going to and what they are used for.  This email brought a smile to my face and made me proud to have contributed to something I support so much.  Thank you Jo for making my day! I'm proud to share this with you all:

Hi Rebecca,
Just wanted to let you know the Peter Pan hat has arrived today, Thank you.
My daughter Paige does Ballet, she won a scholarship for ballet this year, she dances in eisteddfods, she is currently learning a new dance called Tinker Bell, Paige is Tinker Bell, and the hat is used as a prop in the dance.

Paige was very excited to receive her hat today.

Have great christmas!

Kind regards,