Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Gather Tutorial

Hello everyone! I have been very busy getting a head start on my Christmas projects, not to mention Halloween costume. I will be sharing some Christmas projects shortly. I will be saving most so that their recipients don't see them until Christmas.  But today was such an amazing day for me because not only did my Giants advance and make history, I also made history by blowing my previous sales record out of the water completely!  Today my etsy had a truly successful day and it felt awesome. Now, I know I've been talking about tutorial videos forever. So I have just completed the first installment, inspired by a fellow sewing fan.  I posted it on youtube, to see if I get anymore blog traffic as a result too.  Here it is:

How to Gather

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  1. You changed your layout! Maybe I should do mine.. But yeah it's fun to connect with people around the world. I've made a couple of Italian friends through here and I get to practice my Italian from time to time. I'll never give up entirely, I'm just so busy lately.