Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Corset for Witch or Vampire Costume

I knew I wanted to make this for Halloween and hopefully to sell on my etsy.  When I found this fabric, I fell in love with it. I also bought some for a cute apron, which I now regret since my car is sucking up my money faster than bystanders chasing after tossed out money during a high speed chase. If you didn't see that on the news (It's a lot at a very rapid rate.) So hopefully this month starts going better, cuz shit, I'm over this bs.  Btw I'm quickly becoming a corset backing freak and will probably find a way to put it on all types of projects from here on out. 


  1. I like how at first it just looks like damask and then you look closer and see the spiders.

    1. That was exactly what attracted me to the fabric too! It's the best of both worlds I think.