Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where the Magic Happens...

I have recently finished organizing my studio space and have decided to share pictures because I am so excited about it!

Let's start with my favorite shall we? I bought this vintage world map and place these super cute colored gem stickers on it. Each one marks at least one sale I've had to that location.  I love seeing the connection I have in other states and countries.

And here we have my sewing machine, dummy, thread shelf etc. You may recognize the banner. :0)

 Everything I have for sale in my shop, is kept here in the spare closet for safe keeping.
 Sewing "stuff" is kept here. Any leftover fabric that I can still use is in that large bin at the bottom. The smaller boxes are next...
 Patterns! It's almost funny to think I thought I could fit all my patterns in that file folder. I don't always use patterns but I do love them.
This little box holds all the things I need to mail sold products: Ribbon, packaging bags, business cards, thank you tags and attachment gems.

 This is a bigger version of that same box. This holds sewing supplies that I may need other than fabric, thread or buttons, a.k.a. the big stuff. (Fusible interfacing, elastic, bias tape, fabric markers etc.)
These are very cool because you can create compartments in whatever size you want. I use it to store the little stuff. (Bobbins, buttons, needles, zipper parts etc.)

 And my trusty sewing basket <3. I keep anti-fray liquid, measuring tape, and fabric marking tools in here.
So that's the end of the studio tour. I hope you enjoyed it ;0)


  1. What kind of dressform is that? Is it adjustable?

  2. It's just a dummy from a store that was going out of business. I got it for like 10 bucks. You can't adjust it though. I've been looking at some on etsy. They have some that look good but most are not adjustable.