Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Booties and Hat

Sticking to the not buying new fabric (which btw I have) until I use up my old fabrics...I've been sewing! I had some baby girl fabric that I used for gifts and decided to use them up. Here are the products:

For Sale:


  1. I bet those are really soft...

    Getting traffic is not easy for me. I'm probaby the wrong person to ask. One thing that did help though was joining some treasury teams. Are you in any? I'm in Etsy success too and I found a lot of useful tips there. But I am definitely no expert!

  2. They are flannel! So soft and warm!
    I'm in a couple promo groups. Creativity Rocks and I just joined Crazyadsteam. I might have to check out etsy success. It seems like most people have trouble getting traffic haha.