Thursday, March 3, 2011

Newly made dress and Gryffindor Scarf

Hello again! You are probably all wondering where I have been for the past month. (Humor me.) Well as it turns out I have been oh so busy. I was in the process of moving among other things and alas I now have internet! Yesssss! I am back inside world! So in the meantime I've been crafty crafting away. I completed this dress and scarf as you can see. I have also been sewing decor for my new place which i will photograph and upload at a later date. I am still waiting on my coffee table and a shelf that I have to move. Both will be part of the decor and i don't want to share until it's finished. It's driving me mildly insane that it's not completely finished but it won't be long :0). So anyways, I am sharing these new items on my blog and selling them on etsy so we shall see....

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